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From Dream to Reality: We Make It For Our Community!

People are considered to be the main subject of our community development. It seems identical when comparing this opinion with our mission “Your Growth Embraces Our Growth”. To make it come true and more practical, we decided to establish a place for your development in the pursuing profession, called “DataHouse Academy”. 

Not only can DataHouse Asia’s staff develop themselves through the training from our experts and professional coaches, but all of you can also meet them and join most of our classes from now on. The reason is that the purpose of DataHouse Academy’s opening is to grow the knowledge of our friends, our partners and our community as well. 

With the variety of course categories, you can easily find the most suitable one for your orientation and career advancement. Some significant courses that can be mentioned are Business Analyst, Well-being Coach, or Salesforces. Moreover, we also give you a chance to become an official member of our team if you perform well and show your great passion during the training.  

In terms of our facilities, our training space is equipped fully with a projector screen, whiteboard, A/C and other necessary study tools. Now, we have also been hosting a special training program of the year, called Summer TechCamp #1 which lasts for 2 months (from May 16 to July 17). This is known as a full-time training for undergraduate students, fresher Techies, and even non-IT background learners. From this, our campers would have chances to maximize their technical, English and soft skills, and simultaneously gain more knowledge of professional working tools as well as in-demand techniques for career advancement in the IT industry.

Summer TechCamp #1
Trainees in Summer TechCamp #1

There is no doubt that you can grow yourself by training, and we can grow our community through your passion and contribution.

Don’t miss this opportunity and now join DataHouse Academy!

For more information, we will have our 1st Premium Training session on June 1, 2022 by Mr. Nhat Nguyen, with the topic “Get Started with .NET” 

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